Medical Professionals

When developing a personal pain strategy, medical care and professionals are very important factors. Understanding that you are the coordinator of your team is essential to making your care effective and successful. Different responsibilities will fall on different members of your team, but communication between them all is essential.

Not just doctors…

…your medical care team is made up of:

  • medical doctors
  • therapists
  • nutritionists
  • the staff of your local health store
  • your dispensary

How do I know if I’m getting what I need from my doctor?

Establishing a good relationship with your doctors and other professionals is the first step to them helping you with your pain. Take the quiz to evaluate your relationship with your doctor.

Get the most out of your appointment…

  • Be as specific and detailed as possible
  • Avoid long personal stories or complaining
  • Have a good handle on your history and chronic symptoms
  • Keep an up-to-date record of your current symptoms and any relevant specifics or details

Your doctors see many people in the run of a day and you’ll find they appreciate your organization and details, especially if you have it all written down (remember, doctors have been to school for a lot of years, they are really good at reading papers!)

Need a little help getting organized? Check out our Personal Pain Profile worksheet!