A 30-Day Healing Journey – The Self Project

Join us for a free introduction into managing life with chronic physical and emotional pain.

Learn the best strategy to get power back over your body, mind and life. How you feel affects every aspect around you, within you and what’s projected from you.

we help you create the plan that will work for you, identifying areas of struggle & strength while using lifestyle pillars to apply in everyday life. 

The self-project puts you in power to manage your own life.

How does the self-project work?

Self discovery

Identifying weakness

Reorganizing strengths

Setting realistic expectations

Learning self compassion

Focus & Maintaining motivation

What you learn:

Scientifically proven Techniques

Establishing a powerful emotional state.

Past present future perspective

Negative & positive patterns

Keys for support and relationship health.

Maintaining motivation

How personality type affects emotional health

Ensuring your emotional reservoir is refilled

The rawness of living with chronic conditions

Continued support in the pain manager community

Learning & applying lifestyle treatments builds neurological connections and after 30 days habits are formed- allowing new routines for success.

Through this journey into yourself, lifestyle treatments based in Physical and Emotional health and wellbeing are then wired in your brain for success in your goals toward a healthier life.